Saturday, March 05, 2011

Helicopters and Hospital Wars

The hospital behind my house has been taken over by one of the biggest hospitals in the country. It has a helipad that was used for emergency landing by the five major hospital systems in the area, until now. Now that well lit helipad is the base for the Cleveland Clinic helicopter, exclusively and the other helicopters have to use the parking lot, "the other helipad". You can see it in the picture behind the orange cones. There is a hospital war going on in my neighborhood. All of the hospitals are placing facilities here because people in this county have insurance and money to pay for expensive care. Within a few miles of my house, I will soon have dozens of doctors offices, an urgent care, and three hospitals. For my view of what's happening here. Check out It might explain why our health care costs are going up. These duplicate facilities are cheap to build.

While helicopters are needed in emergency situations, they do crash more frequently than airplanes. This particular helipad is way to close to residential areas and people coming and going in the parking lot! The other helipad/parking lot is surrounded by trees and buildings and it is dark at night. There is also an unlit cell tower in the path.

This video was taken from my backyard just before the helicopter lifted off.

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